Counseling for Couples

People participate in couples counseling for a variety of reasons.  You should consider participating in couples counseling if you and your partner are spending a great deal of your time arguing, if you feel like you want to leave a long-term relationship.  Therapy can help your relationship by helping you understand your boundaries and opening up lines of effective communication between you and your partner.  No matter if you are in a gay, straight, or lesbian relationship, I can help you deal with the difficult situations that you face, and redevelop your life with your partner.

You should also consider participating in couples therapy if you are experiencing dissatisfaction in your relationship.  Whether you struggle with communicating with your partner, lack trust in your relationship, or just have an overall feeling that something has changed for the worse, I can help.  Together, we will work so that you can understand what leads to dysfunctional relationships and rid your lives of the dysfunction that has divided you.  Couples therapy can help you identify what you are wanting out of your relationship and how you can communicate this effectively.

People are often unsure of when they should participate in couples counseling.  The truth is that many often wait too long.  You do not have to wait this long to take action.  No matter if your relationship is in extreme turmoil, or you are lacking general contentment in your relationship, counseling and therapy can help.  Call or e-mail me today to set up a consultation to see how therapy can help your relationship.

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