Psychotherapy Techniques | Models

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a form of insight-oriented “talk therapy” the primary focus of which is to explore underlying conscious or unconscious causes of how a client may be feeling or acting.  The interpersonal relationship between the client and the therapist is crucial to allowing for trust to occur and for reactions that occur within the therapeutic relationship to be explored in terms of how those reactions may impact the client in his/her everyday life and relationships.  This form of therapy tends to be more eclectic than others, taking techniques from a variety of sources, rather than relying on a single system of intervention.

  • Eclectic approach to therapy draws upon various aspects of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic methods to create a custom approach to best develop a treatment plan that addresses the particular concerns of a client.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do.  It is focused on modifying everyday thoughts and behaviors, with the aim of positively influencing emotions.  The therapist helps clients recognize distorted thinking and learn to replace unhealthy thoughts with more realistic substitute ideas.

  • Pastoral Counseling moves beyond the support or encouragement a religious community can offer, by providing psychologically sound therapy that weaves in the religious and spiritual dimension.

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